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TToA Crossover Commission [Tenshi + Os]: Readers by PrincessNerdo TToA Crossover Commission [Tenshi + Os]: Readers by PrincessNerdo
"I see you are interested in murder mysteries," said the librarian. "Have you perhaps read The Maltese Falcon, or any other works by Dashiell Hammett, the father of hard-boiled fiction?”

("It's been very long since I've had a murder mystery on my hands," the librarian thought. "Murders don't happen here, though I suppose an attempt at something brutal may result in situations that would greatly destabilize this town...")


A commission for TheDoctor34 ! He asked me to draw his character, Tenshi (on the left) with any of my OCs. Tenshi likes murder mysteries, so I decided to draw him with Osmium (who is intentionally really tall, mind you). It made sense to me, considering Osmium's profession.

I wasn't sure what type of interaction you'd like to see between Tenshi and one of my characters (considering many of the commissions you got have crossover ships of Tenshi + other peoples' female OCs) but I hope this one is fine! Also, it's now my tradition to make tiny monologues when I do upload drawings with my characters-- I hope you don't mind. xD

I hope you like it! >v<

Tenshi belongs to TheDoctor34 . Osmium belongs to me.

PS: It's been so long since I've written stuff in kanji :'D

Commission info:

Cheap Traditional Comms [OPEN]Since I do have time to squeeze in traditional art (digital is out of the question...) I was thinking I might as well do commissions. I hope these prices are affordable! (hopefully I can increase them if these are successful...)
Points and PayPal accepted!

:iconcutebow2plz: Prices :iconcutebow2plz:

TYPE A: Brush pen colored chibi - 200 :points: / 2 USD for one character

+100 :points: / 1 USD for an additional character
+50 :points: / 0.50 USD for simple brush pen background
+75 :points: / 0.75 USD for simple watercolor background

Type B: Brush pen colored headshot - 150 :points: / 1.
TheDoctor34 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017
That's brilliant xD the Sherlock Holmes  book, love it. Yeahhhh erm ^^; I always attribute it to he hasn't found his muse yet... At least that's the answer I like going for...

Anyways, thanks again for accepting my commission <3
PrincessNerdo Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, I'm glad you like it! xDDD And ooh I see; that's an interesting character trait actually!

You're welcome! >u<
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